The Golden M

Theca has been awarded with the certification The Golden M by the German quality assurance association ‘Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel’.

Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft Möbel (DGM) is a group of 71 furniture manufactures and 40 promotional members consisting of subcontractors, associations of the furniture industry, and trade associations of the furniture industry, institutes, TÜV Rheinland and furniture assembly companies under the umbrella of the RAL institute.

The Golden M is a quality certification that can be awarded to suppliers if they pass a series of tests, including an audit in the factory by a representative of TÜV, Germany.

The neutral furniture-testing laboratory thoroughly tests the furniture and the tests required for the RAL-certification are demanding. The furniture passes a whole life span in quick motion.

First, the furnitures are exposed to light, humidity, heat, kicks and hits. At the end of this test, the furniture must still look correctly and be functional.

The second test take place in a climatic chamber and every piece of furniture is carefully checked for harmful substances. None of the rigid limits must be exceeded!

Afterwards the manufacturer must prove that the subsequent production comply to all the strict requirements imposed. This audit includes a complete evaluation of the production, the way of constructing the products, all relevant certificates for all materials used etc.
After this further check-ups follow. Only when DGM is absolutely certain that the tested furniture is a quality product, the RAL quality certification for furniture is issued.

Theca will have to pass the factory audit every year for the first 3 years, after that the test is done every 2 years. This is to make sure that the quality stays at a very high and consistent level for all members.

Therefore the Golden M certification for furniture offers a unique assurance.

You can be sure, that furniture, which carries the Golden M-logo, is:

  • A good quality.
  • Do not endanger the health of the user.
  • Protects the environment.

Theca passed all tests during December 2016 and was officially giving the award during the IMM Fair in Cologne 2017. Theca is now part of an exclusive number of suppliers having this certification.