About leather

At Flexlux we love great leather. Leather is a natural product that will last for years and become more beautiful with age if kept and treated correctly. Italian tanneries produce the majority of our leathers. They produce top quality leather and have many years of knowledge and a passion for leather production. Our leathers can be divided into 2 main groups: Natural leather and Protected leathers.

Leather is a natural product that vary in appearance like any other natural material will do. That means that all leathers are unique which contribute to telling the history of the material. Variations in leather are not defects but should be seen as a sign that it is a genuine leather – its individual character is what sets it apart from artificial leather.

Natural leathers
Natural leathers receive less treatment than Protected leathers and in Natural leathers the leather will contain features of leather such as variation of the grain structure, slight colour differences, small scars, tick marks and other signs of natural beauty.

Natural leather offers great comfort and durability. It requires regular maintenance and should not be exposed to excessive heat or light.

Protected leathers
Protected leathers have a protective layer surface that makes the appearance of the leather more uniform. They are easy to maintain and are ideal for families with children etc. Protected leathers also need maintenance but less regularly than Natural leathers. Protected leathers offer great value for money and ease of use.

Read our Leather Care Guide for more information: Leather Care Guide


Different types of leathers

Aniline leather
Aniline leather is a premium leather type. Aniline leather means that it has no or only a light surface treatment to preserve the leather’s natural surface and soft touch. Pure aniline is treated with transparent, soluble dyes, retaining the hide’s natural surface so that all the animal’s pores, scars, and marks remain visible. This means that a certain amount of natural marks may be expected in the form of healed wounds, insect bites, scars etc., which contribute to its exclusive appearance.

It is the most authentic and luxurious leather you can buy. Soft and supple to the touch it has a rustic textured look. The untreated or only lightly treated surface of aniline leather allows the leather to breathe, resulting in very high seating comfort.

Aniline leather is susceptible to staining and will eventually darken and create a rich patina. Unlike most things Aniline leather only gets better with age. However, patina can be a pro or con – depending on what you are after. The  minimal coating makes it more susceptible to stains and scratches and usually needs more care.


Semi-aniline leather is produced the same way as pure aniline leather but has a thicker protective coating compared to aniline. This protects the leather and offers colour uniformity, while still allowing its natural characteristics to show through. Semi-aniline leather is less cold in winter, less sticky in summer and more resistant to stains and scratches. 

The leather is soft and flexible, with very high seating comfort. This makes it more user-friendly than pure aniline more suitable for households with pets and children.

Corrected leather
Corrected leather, is leather that has been given a robust surface treatment in the form of a colour layer that is laid on top of the leather. Corrected leather is a leather that is made from the top of the hide, where the outermost grain layer has been removed. This is done to remove marks, insects bites, barbed wire scratches and other blemishes.

This type of leather is the most uniform in pattern and colour throughout. It has a less natural look than aniline or semi-aniline leather, but in return has great resistance to spills and scratches and is quite low maintenance compared to other types of leather.